Welcome to LitPlan - The Liturgy Planning System

LitPlan is an tool sponsored by Trinity Wall Street and the Vergers Guild of the Episcopal Church that provides liturgical planning for churches in the episcopal church.

Litplan Provides:

  • Clergy, staff, and volunteer coordination for all liturgical events
  • Automated people scheduling based on events, needed roles, and people‚Äôs eligibility and availability
  • Liturgical Event templates for automated event scheduling
  • Online customary for all event types and roles allowing the documentation of every aspect of every event and service role
  • Email and SMS communication with all people serving in events
  • iPhone, Mac, Outlook, and Google integration for all events and people
  • Online lectionary
  • Prayers of the people content management
  • Automation of service registers and generation of parochial reports

For more information about LitPlan which is currently in beta, please contact litplan@trinitywallstreet.org.